VRLA, the 3D Debacle, How to Make Money in VR, GoPro's Omni Rig (Newsletter #3)

Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) has been called a "watershed" event. Truth or hyperbole? You decid


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Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) has been called a “watershed” event. Truth or hyperbole? You decide: it was attended by 6,000 people over two days (Aug 6-7). And, yes, we have highlights. 
Hollywood is carefully routing its marketing spend on original, short VR/360 experiences: SUICIDE SQUAD, STRANGER THINGS and THE BFG. Meanwhile, first-time director Alex Oshmyansky threw caution to the wind (ignorance is bliss?) with CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN CRIME, his claim to be the “the first VR feature-length movie”. You can buy the full film for $1 starting August 31st. Sneak peek below.
I wanted to also comment on an important development for VR creators. JauntVR just launched its Publishing platform to solve a big problem: connecting audiences to quality content. Here’s what great about it: platform agnostic (iOS, GearVR, Vive, PlayStation), transcoding in the cloud and support for Dolby Atmos. IMHO, this service will have legs with curation. Always good to incentivize people to submit their best work. Or, speaking plainly, always good to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Finally, in the spirit of hope and progress, I leave you with the TechCrunch article comparing VR to 3D. One of them is (unofficially) dead or dying, yet the other might live and even prosper. Well, here’s to you!
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