Tips from Hitchcock, Health Problems Due to VR, How Museums Will Die, Becoming Pigs (Newsletter #4)

Howdy! This week we're going to focus on an important albeit controversial issue: health problems res


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Howdy! This week we’re going to focus on an important albeit controversial issue: health problems resulting from virtual reality. Could having a VR experience give you chronic brain disease? What happens when this technology is unleashed onto millions of people? 
Alex Handy opens up about his severe dizziness from a VR experience three weeks ago. (“My head feels like it’s being squashed into an iron clamp”). Instead of whining, Alex approached Mayank Mehta, head of UCLA’s neurophysics lab, who is studying the impact of VR on neurons in the brain using rats. That’s right—rats. The findings are shocking and scary. Read the full article down below. 
(To balance things out, I’ve included an article on how VR is helping terminally ill and aging World War II Veterans who can’t physically travel to see their memorial. This research is headed by a respected neurotherapist, so it’s kosher, not more fluffy rhetoric.)
Changing gears, ever wondered what Alfred Hitchcock would do with virtual reality? Hitchcock geek Joel Gunz takes a deep dive into The Master’s cinema which, in fact, always aspired to virtual reality. It is a terrific read; and a special treat if you’re into Hitchcock.
We also have a charming little story from Shad Clark about people becoming pigs. Yep, impossible is nothing in VR :)
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