Storytelling vs. Story Enabling, Nokia OZO Masterclasses, Volumetric Video, Oculus Quill (Newsletter #14)

Some good things never last? Sorry Barbra Streisand, but you're wrong! People really loved and connec


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Some good things never last? Sorry Barbra Streisand, but you’re wrong! People really loved and connected with Dan Cotting’s “Storytelling vs. Story Enabling” article (we had published Dan’s excellent piece about crafting VR experiences back in November). Definitely worth another look.
Did you know that on Christmas morning, VR was huge on iPhones? Apparently, 29 of the top 100 free iOS apps on Xmas were related to VR.
If you were unhappy about theaters hiking ticket prices, you’ll be livid at IMAX charging $10–15 for a 10 minute VR experience! Here are 4 reasons why IMAX Retail is D.O.A.
This week’s newsletter also includes two terrific (hour-long) masterclasses from Upload and Nokia on 360 Filmmaking Best Practices and Live Streaming VR. Just scroll down to Tips & Tutorials below.
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Photo of the Week: Don Cheadle on the set of New York Times' L.A. Noir VR
Storytelling vs. Story Enabling: Crafting Experiences in Virtual Reality
Just Because You Can Make 360 Cinema Doesn’t Mean You Always Should
Volumetric Capture Truly Feels Like the Future of VR Filmmaking
4 Reasons IMAX Retail is D.O.A.
Virtual Reality Technology: Power to Share the Human Experience
Nokia OZO Masterclass #1: 360 Filmmaking Best Practices
OZO Masterclass #2: How to Live Stream a Concert in VR
VR, AR, MR: Defined, Finally
Oculus' Quill and What it Can Do for Illustrative Storytelling
Reeps One: 'Does Not Exist' – VR Beatbox with 3D Sound
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