Siggraph, James Cameron, Real-Time Cinematography, How to Shoot VR (Newsletter #2)

Second time round makes you work even harder. Thanks for all your emails and kind words in response t


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Second time round makes you work even harder. Thanks for all your emails and kind words in response to our very first newsletter. This week’s edition is bigger and better. There’s a lot to unpack. You’ve been warned :)
We cover a groundbreaking demo at SIGGRAPH, bastion of developers and engineers, and where storytelling innovations are unveiled (remember Steve Jobs previewing TOY STORY back in 1995?) 
Brian Seth Hurst wrote such a profoundly useful primer on live action VR production, frankly I’m surprised that it even exists. (Luckily, the Producers Guild of America thought so too). Then there’s Will Renny’s philosophical essay about a ‘new renaissance’. Scroll down below to read them.
If you missed the “limited time” simulcast of MR. ROBOT VR, no prizes for guessing: it is now online. We also have direct links for you to watch NOTES ON BLINDNESS and THE INVISIBLE MAN.
As always, if you’re working on something cool in VR or have a great story you’d like me to share, just hit 'reply’ to get in touch :)
Enjoy, and thanks for reading.
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Real-Time Cinematography in Unreal Engine 4 - From Previz to Final in Five Minutes
Kathryn Bigelow Dives into VR with NatGeo Documentary Short ‘The Protectors’
James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd Still Hate Virtual Reality - Q&A on How to Save Moviegoing
Reuters to Produce VR News Content with Samsung Gear 360 Cameras
Going in Circles: What You Need to Know About VR Production (and Post)
Build a 360 Video LIVE streaming system for under $5,000
How to Shoot Virtual Reality: Seven Basics to Launch You Toward Virtual Virtuosity
Fictional Futures: The New Realities of Immersion
How Virtual Reality is Changing Storytelling Forever
How Virtual Reality Turned Me Into a White Male
Facebook's Surround 360 Is Now Open Source
Samsung's Next Big VR Headset Might be the Odyssey
Fove Tweaks its VR Headset’s Ergonomics, Now One Step Closer to Final Version
Limited No More. Mr Robot VR Now Online
The Invisible Man - 360 Narrative Short Film
Notes on Blindness Available to Download
Senior VR Graphics Engineer - Unity3D
Immersive Technology Job Searches Soar In Australia
Scoble: VR Will Create a Ton of Jobs, But It’s Going To Be A Bumpy Ride
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