James Gunn vs. Jon Favreau, Exploring VR Storytelling, 360 Video Stabilization, Lytro Camera (Newsletter #6)

Olá! This past week an interesting thing happened. James Gunn (smart dude and now bonafide Hollywood


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Olá! This past week an interesting thing happened. James Gunn (smart dude and now bonafide Hollywood director thanks to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) got tangled up in the VR debate…on Twitter. Ouch, right? 
Fortunately, the exchanges turned out to be cordial and surprisingly insightful. I found Gunn’s comment on passive consumption (movies) vs. interactivity (video games) to be particularly valuable. (I’ve extracted the select tweets for you below).
May be Gunn is right—may be people “don’t want to work” while watching a movie. Think about it. Yes, it’s exhilarating to ‘experience’ a story with a higher-end HMD; but how many degrees of freedom does a VR film need to transcend mediocrity?
Honestly, I was not expecting this kind of clarity from Mr. Gunn who has not exactly been on my radar of auteurs. But his comments deserve your consideration, along with a story on Jon Favreau’s (IRON MAN) own foray into virtual reality via GNOMES AND GOBLINS. It’s fun to compare Favreau’s optimism with Gunn’s polite dismal. 
Cinematic VR has a long long way to go before becoming a legitimate craft; and its winding road will be paved by those willing to experiment and, dare I say, hope!
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