How to Choose a 360 Camera, Ang Lee's 3D Debacle, Vrideo Shuts Down, HTC Viveport (Newsletter #12)

Can movies and virtual reality play nice with each other? That is the $162 billion question. As far a


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Can movies and virtual reality play nice with each other? That is the $162 billion question. As far as Hollywood is concerned, consumer interest in 3D has more or less atrophied. VR’s emergence has come at the right time. But here’s the thing: AR vs. VR is a distraction. The real transition is from traditional 2D into 3D. The sooner we can accept it, the better.
Speaking of which, Variety’s chief film critic Owen Gleiberman calls Ang Lee’s BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK, shot in 3D 4K at 120fps, “the most accomplished and provocative movie in a long time that ever went down as a debacle.” In a fascinating article, Mr. Gleiberman describes BILLY LYNN as “an attempt to take the spirit of virtual reality right onto the big screen”. Make sure to read his article down below. (An aside: if you’re a movie geek like me, also check out his great book Movie Freak: My Life Watching Movies.)
In other news, Sony Pictures has partnered up with Nokia for 360 content. Clearly, the VR capture and production competition is hotting up with Jaunt, Google and Lytro all touting high-end solutions for studios. 
This week we also have insightful stories on why 360 video is not quite ready for prime time, the importance of HTC’s Viveport for non-gaming content, and lots more. Enjoy reading, and wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving with family and friends. 
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P.S. This just in! Vrideo shut down today. Founder Alex Rosenfeld explains.

Photo of the Week: An early 360 GoPro rig feeding video directly into Oculus Rift
360 Video Is Not Ready For Prime Time
Kathryn Bigelow to Premiere VR Doc on Ivory Poachers at Tribeca Film Festival
South Africa Making Big Strides in Virtual Reality Sphere
The Importance of HTC’s Viveport
The Upshot of BILLY LYNN: Movies and Virtual Reality Don’t Mix
Facebook is Winning the 360 Platform War. And It’s Not Even Close
Lessons Learned as a VR Developer
How to Choose a 360 Camera
What is GoPro’s Omni VR and Why
How We Built the Jaunt ONE Camera (Part One)
How We Built the Jaunt ONE (Part Two)
Watch Earth from the ISS observatory in 4K 360
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