Doug Liman's VR Series, Immersion vs. Emotional Involvement, Problems with KeyMission 360 (Newsletter #9)

Ahoj! While I was in film school, it was hard to 'sex up' sound. Much easier: waxing lyrical about th


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Ahoj! While I was in film school, it was hard to ‘sex up’ sound. Much easier: waxing lyrical about the art of writing, or the poetry of cinematography. But when it came to sound, it was always…oh, jeez! 
All it took to knock sense into us bumptious freshmen was one short film experience. And boom! Our eyes (and ears) were opened. So, when they say “sound is 50% of the moviegoing experience”, you better believe it. Truer still for VR. Here’s a fantastic audio interview with Tim Gedemer, who provides a step-by-step discussion of how sound for VR works, and the differences between audio for cinematic, game-based, and live VR experiences.
I’ve been picking up chatter from users who are reporting huge problems pairing their phones (via Bluetooth) to their Nikon’s KeyMission 360 cameras. 360 Rumors has posted a helpful workaround that will suffice until/if/when Nikon releases a patch.
This week’s newsletter has a very insightful article on the subtle (but very important) difference between “emotional involvement” and “immersive”. There’s also a story on the practical applications of mixed reality, and how 360 video technology can expand its use. And as many of you know, Doug Liman directed his first VR series, INVISIBLE. The Verge did an engrossing interview that follows down below.
Oh, and before I forget—please make time to read this amazing TechCrunch article. If you’re like me and do not enjoy picking favorites between VR, AR and Mixed Reality, reading it will be therapeutic.
Have a ghoulish night out 🎃
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Photo of the Week: Doug Liman (BOURNE IDENTITY) directing his first VR project.
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