Designing for Isolation, Think Small for Storytelling, Why Most 360 Video is No Good, Obama in VR (Newsletter #16)

Love going to the movies? One of life's great joys is to be able to watch movies with people: family,


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Love going to the movies? One of life’s great joys is to be able to watch movies with people: family, friends, or even strangers. (Some prefer to do it alone, but in their heart of hearts, they are still intrigued by the pulse of a live crowd.) The cinema is, by design, a social experience.
Now, how about reading? Will curling up with a good book on a rainy day feel the same as guests are bustling about at home? 
Unlike traditional cinema, books and VR experiences are both solitary. Joel Gunz perfectly surmises: it’s “a sort of one-on-one relationship between the storyteller and audience.” Dan Cotting goes as far as to say that isolation (HMD strapped to your face) is actually a good thing for creators and viewers: “Distractions act to dilute and confuse the message/ experience of engaging with content.”
In this issue, we explore the idea of isolation and confinement in VR, as well as the value in ‘thinking small’ for VR storytelling. Enjoy!
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