Comic-Con, VR Jobs, Directing Attention, Improving VR Video (Newsletter #1)

Hello and welcome to our inaugural newsletter. I know you are hungry for good stories, but understand


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Hello and welcome to our inaugural newsletter. I know you are hungry for good stories, but understandably also busy. This newsletter can help.
Every week receive the freshest tidbits on virtual reality storytelling and 360° video, accompanied with my crisp summaries. Read at your convenience. Stay ahead of the curve.
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VR at Comic-Con
Love Mr Robot. Not so keen on VR.
Mr. Robot — A Hot Take
I was Harley in Suicide Squad thanks to VR
Tips & Tutorials
Introduction to 360° Video (Part 1 of 5)
Improving VR Video
Tips To Direct Audience Attention
Views & Opinions
Visualising Another Kind of Truth in Virtual Reality
Directing for Virtual Reality
Video for VR is Wrong
OTOY Gets Cinematic VR to Run on Low-Power PowerVR Graphics Chips
Getting to Grips with the Nokia OZO Camera
You Can Now Rent Jaunt's Crazy Expensive Camera For Your Own VR Creations
Jobs & Careers in VR
ILMxLAB is Looking for Talent
Within (formerly Vrse) Wants You
Jaunt is Hiring
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