Best of CES, Storyboarding for VR, Magical Hololens, Live 360 Video (Newsletter #15)

2017 started off with a bang, thanks to CES! Held in Las Vegas, it is one of the largest tech events


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2017 started off with a bang, thanks to CES! Held in Las Vegas, it is one of the largest tech events in the world. And this year, Virtual Reality had a huge ‘presence’ there. All the major players from Intel to HTC to Microsoft were front and center, though notably absent were Apple and Oculus.
The sheer number of announcements during CES make your head spin. Besides, how much of it actually relates to 360 video and cinematic VR? Well, problem solved! Here are handpicked CES highlights, just for you:
Another good thing: Charlie Fink was at CES to observe, document and sift through the vaporware and real McCoy. You can catch up on his exhaustive (and hilariously honest!) CES daily updates down below. 
As always, also enjoy our 'regular programming’ of articles and perspectives from avid writers and practitioners of VR :)
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Photo of the Week: A still from the VR experience 'Dreams of O' by Felix & Paul
A Storyboard for Virtual Reality
Is this the Next Leap in VR?
Be an Ape and Fight Humans: 'Planet of the Apes' VR Experience
CES 2017 with Charlie Fink
The Incredible, Magical Hololens
Amazing AR Inventions at CES Friday
HTC’s Plans For World Domination
CES 2017 Media Day Redux
Cirque du Soleil + Felix & Paul: 'Dreams of O'
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