Be a VR Pioneer, Storytelling vs. Story Enabling, Apple's VR Headset, Immersive Sound (Newsletter #10)

Namaste! We're inching closer to the end of 2016. The biggest win so far has been a mindset change: f


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Namaste! We’re inching closer to the end of 2016. The biggest win so far has been a mindset change: fewer people believe VR “is a fad”. 
Actually, think about it for a minute. How many people can claim to witness the birth of a brand new medium in their lifetime? We are lucky to have the opportunity to shape a major technology. Documentary filmmaker Gary Hustwit said it best at the recent Fast Company Innovation Festival: “Everyone who is creating in this space is essentially a beginner”.
Our most critical challenge is to figure out what you can do with VR; how it can be more meaningful; big or small, in any way we can. The reason I began CinematicVR was not necessarily just to deal with tech noise. A key goal was, and still remains, helping to understand the utility of VR in relation to cinema (considered “passive”); and how to reconcile that with VR’s agency as it relates to the user’s freedom and choice in an experience. Speaking of which, our article titled Storytelling vs. Story Crafting (read down below) can sustain this conversation beyond this page.
Craft is important too, and it’s what drives industry. This week we bring you a slew of tips and news. Apple was granted a new patent for a VR headset (see pic below). Google Jump switched from GoPro to Yi Technology for its next VR rig. And you might also want to check out the spiffy Jaunt ONE camera.
Finally, so very nice of Revue to pick us as one of its featured technology newsletters. They know what’s up :)
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Photo of the Week: Apple's patent for its VR headset favors a small smartphone
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Everyone Is A Beginner: You Can Be a VR Pioneer
Will Virtual Reality Ever Matter?
How to Capture, Edit and Composite Immersive Video for VR, YouTube, Facebook and More
See How Easy GoPro Omni Makes Shooting 360 Video
The Foundry Launches Five-Part VR Filmmaking Series
Apple's New Patent for a Glasses-Like VR Headset
Oculus Wasn't Prepared
New York Times Starts Publishing Daily 360 Videos for Web and VR
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